All about K-beauty

What Is K-Beauty?

Here’s Everything You Need To Know

From sleeping packs to treatment ampoules, we’re here to demystify the world of K-Beauty (that’s Korean beauty to you and me). First, we loved the cute cushion blushers, then we come do adore BB, CC and even DD creams came along. After that, it was time to be obsessed with a glass skin, snail slime and everything in between. Then it just happened. All women and some men (yes, we hope for more masculine friends this year) started to use sheet masks and never ever tend to stop doing so.

Taking care of ourselves

That is what K-Beauty is to us and that’s why BonnyWeekly exists. We believe that K-Beauty is helping us to look after ourselves and our skin a little bit better. And with that said, we are taking care of ourselves with high-quality sheet mask´s from the best brands we know.

K-Beauty is short for Korean Beauty

So, back to the topic. “K-Beauty is short for Korean Beauty and refers to beauty products that originate from and are manufactured in Korea.” We are distributing them directly from South Korea to your door.

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