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K-beauty Sheet mask bonnyweekly


Join the gang!


Start by joining the gang and you will get your box the first week of every month.
Pick a mask from the box and start your me-time! 

Step 1 
Cleaning! Clean your face from make-up or just daily dirt

Step 2
Unfold the sheet mask packaging by your choice. 

Step 3
Apply the mask over your face and lightly press it to your skin. Your skin will now absorb all the good things your sheet mask's provides. Let the magic happen for 10-20 min while you chill out, listening to music, reading a book, sitting on an airplane or actually whatever that makes you feel good. 

Step 4
Remove the mask gently. Do not wash your face after sheet masking, just leave it to dry. You will immediately feel the improvements of your skin! Keep this routine and continue masking 1-5 times a week. Your skin will love you!